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Come to Ketchie for Large Part Machining Services

Struggling to find a shop that will take on your large part CNC machining jobs?

The truth is that most shops don’t have the capabilities to machine large parts. Why? Because large parts are heavy to lift, difficult to manipulate, and dangerous to machine—if the shop’s equipment is even big enough to accommodate these parts in the first place.

For these types of jobs, you need a shop like Ketchie that specializes in large part CNC machining and is ready to take on big (pun intended!) and challenging projects.

Defining Large Part Machining

To a certain extent, the definition of a large part varies from shop to shop. The upper end of what a shop can machine is bound by the capabilities of its equipment. But things are a bit more complex than that. The raw material and the shape of the finished part will factor in determining whether or not you will be able to max out certain dimensions. In a few circumstances, we have been able to get creative in our work holding and machine some projects that were outside of the listed capabilities.

Next time you have a part that seems large in your book, give one of our Project Managers a call or request a quote and let's talk about it.

Challenges of Large Part CNC Machining

There are a few reasons why machine shops draw the line at large parts:

  • Equipment constraints. Massive equipment is required to machine oversized parts. Not all shops have the floor space to accommodate these machines.

  • High costs. Most shops can’t afford to offer large part machining services. The equipment itself is expensive, and working with substantial material means that the cost of scrap can add up quickly.

  • Safety concerns. Large part CNC machining can be dangerous without proper training. Team members must be skilled and confident enough to maneuver the parts and operate the machines safely.

Why Ketchie Excels at Large Part CNC Machining

At Ketchie, we have solutions to many of the problems that can make large part CNC machining so challenging for other shops:

  • Large capacity capabilities. Our machinery can handle some of the heaviest, largest parts out there. We have two Mazak FH-6800 Horizontal Machining Centers, a Mazak Quick Turn 350, and a Mazak Quick Turn 450 for these jobs, plus a fleet of onsite cranes to help us maneuver large parts easily. We recently machined a 1600 lb. raw steel part that was 27” long and 14” in diameter!

  • Strong team culture. Big jobs require teamwork. We’re constantly collaborating and communicating to ensure that each project is successful. Our multigenerational team members work closely together and bounce ideas off of each other to solve problems.

  • Commitment and dedication. From massive burnouts that are nearly the size of a hula hoop to castings the size of a large suitcase, we have experience machining large parts for many different applications. Large part CNC machining is part of our 75-year legacy that we’re proud to continue building on.

Trust the skill and experience of the Ketchie team to handle your large part machining. Request a quote today!


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