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Partner with Ketchie for Your Machined Castings

Do you manage multiple foundries and machine shops? Do you feel like the middleman when managing quality issues, price, and lead time concerns between foundries and shops?

As a machine shop rooted in tradition and committed to innovation, Ketchie is proud to work

with trusted foundries and forgers to provide our customers with castings machined to perfection. We take care of all upstream processes and checks to ensure everything flows together to produce a machined casting that meets your needs for fit, form, and function.

From the foundry to the machine shop floor, Ketchie is your one-stop shop for machined castings, streamlining the entire process for our valued customers.

How Ketchie Works With Your Castings

We have the capabilities to work with your casting no matter where you are in the metalcasting or machining process.

  • If you already have a casting, we can machine it. Bring us your existing castings, and we’ll perform precision machining techniques like cutting and grinding to achieve precise geometries and tight tolerances. We’ll even assemble the parts if needed.

  • If you need a casting, we can source it and build the tooling. Maybe your previous source went out of business or moved to offshore suppliers, and you lost your tooling as a result. Or perhaps you need tooling made for a new part design with castability. If you need a casting, we can start the process from scratch with a new pattern. We have strong relationships with local foundries and know who to contact to get the job done. We’ll source any materials (ductile iron, gray iron, bronze, aluminum, or steel) and manage the supply chain to deliver a completed part quickly and cost-effectively.

  • If you already have a foundry, we can work with them. We’re happy to source castings and materials from whichever foundry you’re currently working with. But if your foundry’s lead times are bottlenecking your project, we can recommend our preferred foundries to save you time and money. We can best support our customers when we manage the entire project because our direct supervision guarantees the most efficient results.

Why Work with Ketchie to Manage your Castings?

We realize that you have options when it comes to managing your machined castings, but we’re confident that our team offers the best combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience.

  • Supply chain consolidation. We’re experts at managing many different moving pieces simultaneously. Our nationally recognized leadership team has a background in finance and supply chain management, so we know what it takes to own these critical operations for our customers. With our buyer side experience, we’re uniquely positioned to address issues as they arise.

  • Highest degree of technical difficulty. Since machining processes are the last stop in the supply chain before shipping to you, it makes more sense to manage castings through a machine shop than a foundry. We’ll take care of all sourcing and manage the relationship with the foundry so you don’t have to.

  • Strict quality regulations: When we encounter porosity during machining operations, we are positioned to communicate quickly and effectively with the foundry and get any problems fixed ASAP, usually without our customer’s involvement.

  • Direct relationship. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our customers. We’re more than just a machine shop. You can think of us as your collaborative partner.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for machined castings, Ketchie is here to fill that role. Request a quote today and let’s get started!


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