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75 Years of Integrity and Excellence: The History of Ketchie

Ketchie has been in business since 1947, and during that time we’ve expanded our shop, grown our team, and invested in new capabilities. Since the start, we’ve been a modern machine shop that focused on excellent customer service and building for the future. We’re proud to say that today, Ketchie is still driven by the service customers have come to expect for more than seven decades.

Take a look at some of the pivotal moments that helped shape Ketchie into the trusted machine shop it is today.

Investing in the Future of Precision Machining Since 1947

It all began back in the 1940s.

After returning home from World War II, U.S. Air Force Captain and mechanic Ed Ketchie Sr. identified a gap between supply and demand in the local textile industry near his home of Concord, North Carolina. The textile mills needed machined parts and custom bearings, and Ed knew he was the right person to provide solutions. In 1947, he and Marvin Houston founded Ketchie.

Ed Sr. was a visionary and always kept Ketchie’s future in mind. He strategically built close to the interstate for easy access and positioned the building in the middle of his land so the shop could one day triple its size.

Nearly 20 years after Ed Sr. founded the company, his son, Ed Ketchie Jr., became Ketchie’s second-generation owner. Like his father, Ed Jr. was thinking about the future. As technology rapidly evolved and improved, he and his team replaced manual mills, lathes, and grinders with the first CNC machines.

Ed Jr.’s son, Bobby Ketchie, also had a sharp vision for the shop. When he took over as a third-generation owner, Bobby refocused the company to mainly provide precision machining solutions for equipment manufacturers and invested in the latest CNC machining technology to bring the shop into the 21st century.

Just as Ed Sr. had planned, the shop he built in the middle of his land evolved into a huge, state-of-the-art precision machine shop with over 30,000 square feet of space.

Want a sneak peek inside Ketchie? Reach out to us today to schedule a custom virtual tour!

Ketchie’s Modern-Day Precision Machine Shop

Today, Courtney Silver is the President of Ketchie Inc., making a positive impact in the machining industry and our community, like her late spouse, Bobby Ketchie, and the generations before him. With her background in supply chain management and previous experience as a buyer, Courtney offers innovative ways to increase shop efficiency and deliver quality parts to customers at a competitive price.

Like her predecessors, Courtney places a strong focus on operationalizing Ketchie to prepare for the future. She and her team embrace continuous improvement in every area of the company, including people, processes, and capabilities. In 2022, she plans to conduct a lean assessment to further tighten and streamline the business.

Continuing to invest in the future helps to ensure that Ketchie will remain prosperous for many years to come, supporting long-term partnerships with customers new and old.

Driven By Our Values

At Ketchie, our core values guide our decisions and our actions, ensuring we treat our customers with a high level of service and our team members with a high level of respect.

Do the right thing

We’re all faced with moments that question our integrity. Do the right thing every time, even if it’s the more challenging path to take. We seek to be the most respected custom manufacturer.

Be Agile

The ability to react and change quickly is critical to meeting our customers' needs. Being a precision job shop demands it!

Embrace Continuous Improvement

Investing in team members to be problem solvers that are always thinking about how to improve processes and be Ketchie’s most valuable asset.

The mindset that our customer is the most important person in the company is what got Ketchie to where we are today. If you want to work with a shop that’s committed to your success, request a quote from Ketchie today.


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