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5 Cost-Saving Tips for Precision Machined Parts

At Ketchie, we like to think of ourselves as more than just your go-to machine shop.

From offering expert DFM (Design for Manufacturing) advice to providing scalable comprehensive supply solutions, we strive to be a good partner to every customer. And good partners have each other’s best interests in mind.

If you only want your part made to spec, we’re happy to machine it exactly as designed. But if cost, lead time, and quality are a priority, we may have solutions to help you save money and time on your next precision machining project.

Ketchie’s Cost-Saving Suggestions for Precision Machined Parts

  • Limit non-critical tolerances. Are your tolerances tighter than necessary? For a cost-efficient part, limit non-critical tolerances whenever possible. We can work with you to determine which—if any—tolerances can be loosened to bring your price down.

  • Source materials strategically. Factors like availability, raw material cost, and difficulty of machining contribute to the overall expense of using a material. If price is your priority, we may be able to suggest a less expensive material with comparable properties. Likewise, if you’re unsure what material you need, we can help you make that determination.

  • Purchase the most cost-effective material quantity. The quantity of material you buy can have a significant impact on overall cost. Purchasing standard bar stock lengths, for example, might be more cost-effective on a per part basis than ordering custom stock.

  • Reduce complex features. Intricate features are more difficult to machine, which inevitably increases cost. If deep pockets, small radii, and sharp corners aren’t necessary for the function of your part, consider eliminating these challenging features.

  • Source mating parts as a package. If you send one mating part to us and the other to a different shop, we’re unable to verify the quality of the other part—or ensure the parts will function properly together in the field. To avoid this frustration, we recommend sourcing mating parts as a package so we can ensure fit and functionality the first time around.

No matter what your precision machining needs are, Ketchie has your back. Request a quote today to work with a true partner that’s always looking out for your best interests.

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